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Club Announcements - Tuesday October 26th 2021

DCC Website Gallery 

The Website Gallery is currently hosting an exhibition by Colin Harrison (FRPS EFIAP/d3 MFIAP FIPF MPAGB AGAGB FBPE MPSA GPSA AWPF)

Colin's creative style of photography gradually evolved as did his interest in entering photographic salons from around the world.  Rather than just collecting letters after his name, these qualifications stimulate / develop his work and have always given him goals to work for.

He has sat on distinction panels and has helped run advisory days for the Royal Photographic Society and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

His next projects include photographing water droplets using homemade equipment and to produce some audio-visual sequences.

Tonight – Cormac McMullan LIPF on his family photography. Our guest tonight Cormac McMullan is a member of the club. Both his parents and his grandfather were photographers and members of this club and of the Photographic Society of Ireland. Cormac will tell us his and their story through their photography.

FIAP Photo Academy – On Wednesday 27th October the academy will have a presentation by the Turkish photographer Coskun Aral. It starts at 7pm and will be given in French. The presentation is titled “Eye Witness” and will concentrate on Coskun’s war reportage from many conflicts including Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Northern Ireland, the Far East and Chad.

The presentation is free of charge but you must register at this link https://forms.gle/C5Lp4BrbqKPfbyeq7

Look out for future presentations over the next number of months.

Wednesday 27th October - Introduction to Photography Classes continue tomorrow at 7:30pm with Monochrome Photography presented by Paul Ryan.

Thursday 28th October – The Nature Group where Bill Power FIPF ARPS MPSA EFIAP/g will present his Nature images. This promises to be an excellent presentation. An invitation will be emailed to all members on Thursday morning.

Also – do check out the Nature Group Gallery on the club website – new images are now loaded to it.

Monday 1st November – Introduction to Photography – Image Assessment Workshop.

Class members are invited to send images they would like to have critiqued to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (note new email address) ahead of the closing date for the submission of entries for the Exhibition on Nov 13th

Tuesday 2nd November – The Guardian Archive with Luke DoddOur guest next week will be Luke Dodd. Some may remember Luke as the person who helped establish the Irish Famine Museum at Strokestown House. Luke is now working with The Guardian Newspaper and will join us to talk about his work with their archive of images.

Next Tuesday is also the closing date for submitting your entries to the November round of our Winter League. You can submit up to 2 Colour Images and up to 2 Monochrome Images. All will be assessed and scored by judges from outside the club. Your highest marks in each section will be added to the highest from last month to give your overall ranking. And this continues for each month of the league.

Thursday 18th November - Documentary and Street Photography Workshop  Della Meade and David Gray will present the work of street photographers with contrasting styles. Della will present the work of New York photographers Melissa O’Shaughnessy and Suzanne Stein.  David will present the work of Garry Winogrand and Fan Ho.

DCC Facebook page – just a reminder that the Club has a FaceBook page and an Instagram page. If you have your own then please like and follow us on either or both. For those who have a FaceBook page you might also like to join the DCC Private Group at this link  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1187882871582107

RHA Summer Exhibition – Congratulations to Tony Davis and Cormac McMullan who have had images accepted in this year’s exhibition which is now open and will be on show until 30th October 2020.

National Gallery – I’ve also heard that there is a brilliant photography exhibition in the National Gallery in Merrion Square. It is worth checking out. More info at https://www.nationalgallery.ie/art-and-artists/exhibitions/picturing-people.  

Bermingham Cameras – We hear that Bermingham Cameras have started up their series of free webinars on various topics. Last Saturday was on Macro and Close-Up photography. Keep an eye out for others.

Grading of members If you have never been graded and would like to be please send 8 or 10 jpg images of your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A member must be graded before they can participate in competitions.


  • Update on members - If you hear of the illness or bereavement of any member please let us know so that we can acknowledge that.
  • Subscriptions – please keep your subscriptions up to date. You can renew on the club website. If you do not know or have forgotten your password please contact Ruth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Some renewals have come in recently from PayPal and all of them have been set up by PayPal as recurring. This is just to remind that this is the case and that you can switch this off in PayPal if it is not what you want.  Instructions to cancel recurring PayPay payments are here.
  • We have also been made aware that the Stripe service is also doing the same – so please check if you have renewed recently using a Credit Card
  • If you are looking to pay by cheque, please don’t send it to the club address as we are closed.  Instead, you can email our Treasurer who will happily help you.