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Your attention is drawn to the H&S Safety Notice HERE


1.   The studio is only available for the use of fully paid-up Members of good standing who have completed the L1 Studio Course
2.   The studio must be used for non-commercial shoots only.


3.   Access will require keys and a fob in order to gain entry to the building. The fob will be allocated to you on the computer and will record  each entry.
4.   Members must apply to Council to get these keys – it is recommended that members submit their application when booking the Course in order to have access as quickly as possible. A deposit of €25 must be paid when first obtaining the keys
5.   Access to upstairs and the Studio will be via keys available in a lock-box beside the Fire Alarm. The code for this can be obtained from the Studio Administrator the day prior to your booking.

6.   Studio sessions can be booked online up to one calendar month ahead and for a maximum of four hours in any one session.
7.   The “Book the Studio” Menu  is available under “About Us – Facilities”.  Checkout to secure booking will require a member's login
8.   There is no fee for Studio use..
9.   There are limits to studio access:
            a.   It can be reserved in one-hour slots.  Please restrict your session to a maximum of 4 hours
            b.   A member should only reserve one four-hour session per single day
            c.    A member should only reserve 2 sessions per single week

10.   Treat the Studio with respect and consideration - keep it tidy and clean at all times
11.   The Studio is provided on a basis of trust. Misuse and/or abuse of the facility could result in restricting the use of the Studio to all Members
12.   Always sign the Studio Diary, including your arrival and departure times
13.   If you discover a fault with the studio or its equipment, please inform the Studio Administrator and note it in the Studio Diary
14.   No smoking or smoke machines. Please do not interfere with smoke detectors.
15.   If you are working alone, please check-in and out with someone.

The Studio is subject to the general Health and Safety protocols of the Club. In addition:
•    Keep all cables from obstruction
•    Treat all lights with care – they can be dangerous if mis-handled.
•    Always “dump the power” before switching off the lights.
•    Make sure the feet for lights are fully extended and secure.
•    If changing backdrops, only do so if you are assisted. The Club cannot be held responsible for any injuries and you will be liable for any damage.
•    Please remove shoes before walking on the backdrop.
•    Before leaving the Studio, unplug all equipment (including heaters) and turn off the lights.
•    Return all equipment to its storage space, unplug all equipment, Roll up cables, put covers on flash lights and roll back the backdrops.
•    Close all the doors on your way out, return the Studio Key to the Lock-Box and remember to chub-lock the front door.

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